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Real estate consultancy and marketing to make our company professionally in the country was established. Our company since its establishment aims to keep always in the forefront in quality and reliable service.
By offering our customers the most accurate possible real estate options, real estate sales or leasing not only at the stage of contentment to enable you to move within each day passed. Accurate analysis of needs and service of our customers with the right expertise to enable it to meet the industry's highest quality standards.
We believe that all sectors of the dynamics of creativity and difference in approach. One of the pioneers in the development of the sector, providing the factor that makes different from the others, innovation, vision and customer orientation, we believe that the difference. According to us, every industry is a small or large company you should take something.
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Pikan Real Estate
In 1986, we started real estate trading and brokerage services with the slogan "The Right Way Home". I have helped many people in various countries of the world and Turkey with real estate and made many of our customers homeowners, we have always been behind the real estates we sell and we have not caused any problems to any of our customers, in Spain in 2005, they awarded us the international award in which 120 countries are members and only 100 countries have been awarded the Golden Badge in Turkey, so turkey has the Golden Badge award, we have the title of the only real estate agent.
Ayrimenkul Advisor We Look for Teammates If you have a desire to pursue a career in the real estate industry, If you have dreams and goals, if you are tired of working in a salaried job, if you want to work free-lance, if you want to increase your earnings while setting your own working hours, real estate consultancy to have high incomes is for you! To create a portfolio for sale and rent in the working area (specialty), to implement the effective marketing plan for leasing and selling portfolios, to create a Seller and Buyer database, to follow the developments related to the sector, to be up-to-date, Desired Skills and Specialties
25-55 years of age Who can easily communicate with people who are responsible for working under a corporate identity with at least a high school graduate, hardworking We are looking for experienced or inexperienced female business partners in the real estate sector who are disciplined, friendly and straight in diction, honest and reliable, have a driver's license and can drive actively!.
< href="http://www.pikan.com.tr/">www.pikan.com.tr
CONTACT: info@pikan.com.tr
Turkish Mid-Pm Whatsapp +90 541 966 85 49
Turkish Dalyan Whatsapp + 90 533 498 90 90
Deutsch sprechen Whatsapp +90 531 322 47 47
Speak English Whatsapp +90 507 954 38 90
Наяима Ямур Whatsapp +90 536 834 23 85


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